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Veuillez choisir l'une des options. Tous les bénévoles qui viennent avant ou après Shazam sont invités à participer à 1 quart de travail pendant le festival. Tous les bénévoles qui veulent travailler après le festival doivent envoyer un dépôt de 90 $ qui sera remboursé à la fin des heures de bénévolat.• • • • • • • • Please choose one of the options. All volunteers who come before or after Shazam are asked to participate in 1 shift during the festival. All volunteers who want to work after the festival must send a deposit of 90$ which will be refunded when the volunteer hours are concluded.
Inscrivez-moi à l'offre Famfood de 3 repas par jour pour 30$. Uniquement disponible pour les bénévoles. •••••••••••••••••• Sign me up for the Famfood deal of 3 meals a day for 30$. Only available for volunteers

SVP envoyer votre payment pour le FamFood par transfer Interact à



-Les bénévoles doivent se présenter à leur poste de travail 15 minutes avant le quart de travail et 30 minutes pour les bénévoles qui travaillent leur premier shift au guichet.

-Les bénévoles doivent être sobres durant leur quart de travail et garder en tête qu’ils sont l’image du festival même lorsqu’ils ne sont pas en fonction alors nous demandons aux bénévoles de garder leur party à un niveau responsable et respectable. N’oubliez pas que c’est vous les bénévoles qui donnez le ton aux festivaliers.

-Les bénévoles doivent être polis et courtois.

-Si un bénévole ne peut effectuer son quart de travail, il doit en aviser son chef d’équipe 8 heures avant son quart de travail.

-Si la lumière clignotante sur la tour de son faisant face à la scène principale allume, tout les bénévoles disponibles doivent se diriger vers la tour de son.

Le non respect de ces règlements entraînera la coupure votre bracelet et vous devrez soit payer votre billet ou quitter le site par vos propres moyens.

What do you get for volunteering for Shazam:

18-20 hours before or 12 hours during ShazamFest =

Weekend pass to the festival.

Free shuttle buses from downtown Montreal to ShazamFest

Free Shazam shuttles on site, 50¢ rebate on beer, free parking.

Meals for 24$ for the whole weekend at the Famfood Kitchen

Training, meaningful work and a great community.

Pre and Post Shazam work

Tasks Pre-Shazam:

  • Building new structures and installations.

  • Fixing and checking existing structures.

  • Painting signs and installing them.

  • Roping off parking, camping and other delimitations

  • Placing all the tables, chairs, garbage cans, recycling, etc.

  • Creating new campsites.

  • General clean up and beautification of the festival site.

  • Clean fire pits and cut and chop wood.


Tasks Post-Shazam:

  • Clean up and sorting of garbage, recycling and compost.

  • Putting away and sorting all the materials for winter storage.

  • Making sure the festival site is completely clean.


If you’re coming the week before the festival you can ask permission to camp out on site. We usually are a large crew and will be making music by the campfire most nights


Box Office/Welcome


  • Welcome people at their arrival to the front gate and brief them on parking, camping and waste management.

  • Show them where to park if they have campers.

  • Check the right list and provide the right passes for volunteers, artists and vendors.

  • Make sure people are parking properly in the parking lot.


Security/Bottleneck (16+)


  • Help anyone in need.

  • Make sure people are wearing the right bracelets for the day.

  • Control all vehicle traffic including the Shazam Carts.

  • Control the ardors of any unruly festivalgoers.

  • Search people for glass and alcohol at the bottleneck and to make sure it doesn’t make it on to the main stage site.

  • Make sure campfires are in designated fire pits and no higher then thigh high.


Shazam Cart (18+)


  • Charge a 2$ fee or a coupon all attendees wanting a lift from the parking lot to the festival site and vice versa.

  • Ferry people with reduced mobility, Artists and their equipment, Vendors and Volunteer to their destinations free of charge.

  • Act as ShazamFest ambassadors and to help people


Bar (18+)


  • Serve drinks and make people happy.

  • Make sure the bar is clean and to bus the tables in and around the bar.

  • No serving of overly intoxicated Shazamers.

  • Selling cups and drink tickets.


Shazam Store & info


  • Sell ShazamFest and Artists Merchandise and beer & drink tickets.

  • Give info about scheduling and activities on site.

  • Take care of the lost and found.

  • Make sure people can use the ATM


FamFood and Daycare (16+)


  • Prepare and serve food to the volunteers and artists.

  • Make sure that the children signed up for daycare have activities and are well taken care of.


Green Team


  • Make sure that the garbage, recycling, and compost are not overflowing.

  • Remove full bags and replace with empty

  • Make sure all the toilets are clean and have toilet paper.




  • Help the stage manager with any tasks assigned.


First Aid (18+)


  • Hang out at the first aid tent and treat all minor cuts, scrapes and other minor mishaps.

  • To stabilize and treat al major injuries while waiting for the ambulance.


Once you filled out the form please send it to:


Once you are selected as a volunteer all the information about your shifts, coordinator and training will be sent to you.

Any questions?  Let me know!

See you there!





-Volunteers must present themselves 15 minutes before their shift and 30 minutes for all volunteers working their first shift at the box office.

-All volunteers must be sober during their shifts. Please keep in mind your representing the festival even when you’re not working so please try keep your partying at a respectable level. Remember we lead by example.

          -Volunteers must be polite and respectful towards all.

-If a volunteer cannot fill their shift they must advise the head of their department 8 hours before their shift.

-If the flashing light at the sound booth is flashing all available volunteers must come and assemble.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in the removal of your bracelet you to leave or pay full price for your pass.

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